About Us

Celfie Design was created with the sole intention to celebrate personalization. At CelfieDesign we follow the adage of good design, which always makes life more interesting, right?

We think of our products as legitimate style statements. This is why every last one of our products, is bespoke, well designed and each and every one of them is as unique as you, our customers.

Different by DESIGN, different by DEFINITION

We love all things psychedelic, shiny, expressive and uber cool. This is our design philosophy. We collaborate with some of the foremost artists, graphic designers, graffiti artistes and visualisers in order to bring their visions to life, on all our products. We believe in creating designs that make you go WHOAAAA !!!! every time you lay your eyes on it. Our mantra is of uniqueness and distinction, something we try very hard to imbibe in every product that leaves our store.


The answer to our needs of personalisation in today’s day and age is customisation. Making something which holds a special meaning to you and your loved ones gives us the ultimate job satisfaction.

At CelfieDesign we understand this need well and are equipped to cater to it. We believe that no order is large or small and enable our customers to design their own bespoke designs, easily and cost effectively.

So whether it is a phone case which you want to make for your bae, or a laptop skin that you wish to create for a corporate event, or giveaway wireless chargers and headphones as party favours for your little ones next birthday party, we are here at your service.

The best part is you can do it all by yourself with little help from us... It is literally that easy! No stress, no fuss, bespoke and one-of-a-kind gifts like never seen before!

Fostering FANDOM – A Keeper of Trend

We love designing products which satiates your desire to own a collectible of a celebrity, TV show or famous characters. It strengthens the bond between a fan and his idol and in many ways bridges the gap and brings them closer. Because let us admit we are fanboys/fangirls at heart who have grown up crushing over these legends.

Only THE BEST for You

We take our craft very seriously and believe that no design is any good; if it isn’t backed by great quality raw materials and products. Therefore every CelfieDesign product, bar none, is manufactured with the latest quality assurance and raw materials, engineered to last the test of time and the strain of usage. Every Celfie Design product is guaranteed to delight you… ALWAYS!