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Nano Mist Sprayer

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Automatic Mist sanitizer, with its ultrasonic vibration technology can sanitize objects with the simple click of a button. As much as it is important to ensure personal hygiene, we also have to ensure that the objects that we come in daily contact with are sanitised to perfection. Mist Sanitizer with its compact size is extremely portable and easy to use. The transparent tank has to be filled with sanitizer liquid, and then when you press the button the sanitizer spray becomes ready for use on any object. Please note Mist Sanitizer is a sprayer and does not come with the sanitiztion liquid. You can however use any sanitising liquid as per your preference. Mist Sprayer will emit blue light during spraying. Using Nano atomization technology Mast Sprayer was designed to effectively enable sanitizing of our surrounding surfaces and objects The product comes with a USB charger which can be used to charge the sprayer. The sprayer uses intelligent charging and will show red light while charging, followed by no light when the sprayer gets completely charged within 3 hours. Mist sanitizer ensures that your surroundings are safe for you to come in contact with, thereby prioritizing your safety and well-being.